Management Consulting

You have been nominated as a junior manager or are facing special challenges as a manager? You would like to reflect, establish or further develop your role, function and leadership competence?  The planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of projects with the associated multidimensional tasks on the one hand, as well as relationship dynamics between colleagues and in teams on the other hand, require a high degree of leadership competence in order to efficiently and effectively pursue and achieve the company's goals. Especially here it is helpful and beneficial to make use of a professional consulting service in order to make coherent decisions, to communicate and act according to your values and, above all, to prevent burnout. 

The guiding questions are:  

  • What do you do in caring for yourself to strengthen your sovereignty again and again?
  • How do you manage your employees so that their sovereignty and personal responsibility is strengthened?
  • How can everyday leadership bring joy, inspiration and success despite stress and high demands?

Possible topics for leadership development:

  • Developing self-management competence
  • Analyzing personal resources
  • Developing leadership competence
  • Developing management competence
  • Reflecting self-image and the image of others
  • Training in leadership behavior in the leadership game
  • Implementing change processes
  • Developing self-image as a leader (leadership ethics, leadership style, leadership role)
  • Reflecting on leadership culture in the company
  • Self-organization, Time management, team organization, project organization
  • Developing communication as a basic competence
  • Reflecting on behavior in groupsInitiating and accompanying change processes
  • Setting and defining goals
  • Developing ways to achieve goals
  • Accompanying the implementation of goals
  • Developing mindfull leadership
  • Performance and potential assessment of managers in the management audio

You are welcome to arrange a non-binding initial consultation with me.
Consultations take place online via Zoom or face to face.