"What I do brings me joy, that's why I do it."

Reflection, change and development need space and time. 

Systemic supervision, coaching and meditation provides "space time" for you. I enjoy accompanying people in professional as well as private contexts to gain clarity about their person, potentials, relationships and goals. This usually succeeds quite easily when different perspectives are taken.

My offer is aimed at

  • People who want to further develop their personal and social skills
  • Adolescents and young adults who are entering the world of work for the first time 
  • Adults who want or need to reorient themselves professionally
  • People who want to reflect and develop their professional role and function
  • People who want to (further) develop leadership skills
  • Teams or groups who want to make their collaboration more effective and efficient
  • Companies that would like to establish themselves as a "Mindful Organization"

You are welcome to arrange a non-binding initial consultation with me.
Consultations take place online via Zoom or face to face.