Team development

The self-organized regulation of the internal distribution of tasks brings with it special challenges such as unclear goal and priority setting, diffuse task distribution, relationship conflicts or role ambiguities. Successful teamwork requires team competencies and the interaction of the team members with each other is in the foreground. The goal is joint learning, synergies and solutions. This also includes personal issues, which, however, are only dealt with to the extent that they particularly hinder or promote the joint process. The advantage of team development is that the newly acquired knowledge and the experience already gained in a protected setting can subsequently be put into practice together.

Possible topics include:

  • Reflect on roles and functions
  • Foster collaboration
  • Define common goals
  • Develop optimal processes
  • Develop structures
  • Establish values and culture
  • Establish interactions in relationships
  • Analyze teamwork
  • Improve communication within the team and with superiors
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating change processes
  • Establishing mindfulness in the team/organization

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