Body Monochord Therapy

"Sound is the deepest dive into the human soul" (Kurt Pahlen).
"Similar to a fishing line, it (music) brings hidden, forgotten and suppressed things from the depths of the human being to the surface of consciousness."
The confrontation with the "spiritual fishing tackle" allows the human being to grow and to recover. (Willi Dommer)

Body Monochord Therapy

We all know the relaxing and refreshing effect of nature.

However, we also know the "not being able to let go" and being "obsessed" by inner processes or thoughts and being stressed and burdened by them.Nature helps us to get back in touch with ourselves. Via sensory perception to inner well-being. From being directed outward to a personal inner resonance space. The change of view from the outside to the inside is facilitated by listening to and physically feeling a monochord lying on us and played.

Monochords form natural reference and resonance points for nerves and the perceptual system through their overtone spectrum in acoustic space.These overtone frequencies (natural tone scales) of the monochord affect our nervous system, the body and the mind.

Application / Areas
  • Care and therapy facilities
  • Kindergarten and school
  • Meditations and sound massages
  • Sound work with the deaf
  • Practices for physiotherapy

The body monochord creates inner harmony with its sounds and helps to release mental and physical tension.

What is a monochord?

A monochord is a resonating body over which one or more strings are stretched lengthwise. Already about 2,500 years ago, the monochord existed as a simple board with a single string stretched over it. It was used by Pythagoras for research in harmony theory and to illustrate the close connection between music and mathematics. Today, the healing sounds provide inner harmony and deep relaxation.

What does a monochord do?

The monochord enables very deeply effective sound-therapeutic work. The overtone-pure, rich sounds are transmitted very gently to our body via a corresponding inner life of the instrument. By touching or playing the strings, all other strings resonate, because they are tuned to the same tone. A resonance overlay is created and thus also a resonance carpet rich in overtones. The vibrations are transmitted directly to the body via the resonating body. Thus one experiences a pleasant atmosphere, in which it is possible to come to rest and to let oneself fall completely. (Research results

The Physiotherapeutin Karin count refers to the physical effect of a sound massage: Thus sound oscillations spread over the body fluids and shift the penetrated fabric into Vibration..... The entire metabolism is stimulated and energized by this inner movement; thus tensions held inside often lose their blocking effect and reach the outside as a gradual flowing movement." (Quote from Willi Dommer: Ritual and Sound Dream - Old Instruments Rediscovered)

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